The Akron Difference

By Andrew Harvey

It’s no secret that property developers are often given a bad rap. And sometimes, with good reason. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Akron, we’re striving to change people’s minds about what a developer can and should be.

We pride ourselves on not only saying we’re different, but proving it. After all, actions speak louder than words. So let us introduce ourselves…

We believe in aspiring to “see beyond” in everything we do – looking past the norm, questioning the status quo and challenging accepted conventions. Seeing beyond the financial metrics to generate social returns, build goodwill and deliver communities that are genuinely enriching places to live.

As a responsive, progressive and people-focused developer, we believe the property industry needs to be led with its people and communities in mind. The people who live within a community are not just residents, they are the community. As developers, we have a responsibility to put them first. Communities at our first three projects at Tarneit, Point Cook and Beveridge are top of our list.

A key challenge, but also a key responsibility, is to craft neighbourhoods that place great importance on how people live, not just where they live. So, we are involved in every aspect of property development. From land acquisition, through to project concept, urban design and planning, right through to construction, marketing and sales. We believe that as developers we need to be people-focused as we create places that flourish.

With this holistic perspective, our mission is to plan and deliver connected, sustainable neighbourhoods based on emerging best practice in urban design. We want our greenfield developments to be places that enhance the lives of our residents – places to live, learn, play and connect in. That means schools, parks, public transport, cycling and walking paths and community connectedness are all at the top of the agenda.

We recognise that urban fringe areas can traditionally experience issues with isolation and a lack of early community infrastructure, so we want to be agents of change in this area particularly – promoting social and safety outcomes to benefit all. Rapidly evolving trends in mobility, access to sustainable public transport options and less reliance on motor cars are cornerstones of the way we think.

Our current projects in key Melbourne growth corridors include Keystone at Tarneit, Estuary at Point Cook and a future community integrated with the iconic Mt Fraser at Beveridge. Our passionate team aspires to make these places something different. We plan on bringing to life our focus on quality of living, sustainability, innovation in design and creating a sense of community – the kind of community where kids can play on the street.

Our goal is to raise the bar and set a fresh industry standard. We invite you to follow our journey and learn about how we plan to create a legacy that people will enjoy for generations to come.